How to Drive More Sales With Lead Generation Strategies

lead generation strategies

Do you feel like you’re running around in circles as you chase your next client? You’re not alone. Lead generation remains the key path to significant growth in any B2B or B2C business. However, it’s one of the most challenging parts of business marketing. The good news? You can make calls part of your lead generation strategies to increase sales.

Let’s examine how to use phone calls to drive more leads and sales.

Booking Appointments via Cold Calling

An effective way to generate more leads for your business is to use cold calling to book appointments. Cold calling involves reaching out to potential customers you’ve never interacted with.

Some consumers may view your cold calls as annoying if they’ve never been interested in your product or service. However, you can build relationships with these potential buyers by not trying to persuade them to buy from you immediately. Instead, book appointments for discovery calls following the cold calls.

When you make both types of calls, you create more than one contact point with a potential buyer. This may make the customer feel more at ease with you. The customer may then be more willing to buy your product or service.

When doing cold calling, consider using a pre-made script that you can adjust for different customers. A quality script will cover the start of your phone conversation but provide room for the dialogue to grow.

Let’s examine the many benefits of using a cold calling script.

Being Better Prepared

A cold calling script will give you a reliable road map for each phone conversation you have with a prospective consumer. That means you can easily move prospective clients through your conversations with them while emphasizing your main talking points.

This may make you feel more in control on the phone, so you may not feel as anxious about calling people you do not know.

Using a cold calling script may also help you to appear more knowledgeable to your prospective clients. This might make it easier for them to trust your product or service.

Generating Better Results

Cold calling scripts are planned, so they may help you think about your cold calling approach more.

For example, if you decide to write a script, you can plan out the points you’d like to make and find statistics or facts to reference. This will allow you to control each conversation rather than reacting to a potential client’s responses.

The more calls you make, the more you may want to improve your sales approach and script.

Creating a Standard

A script will help you to consistently make a great impression on possible clients. That’s because the right script will help you to sound outgoing and upbeat even when you’re not feeling this way.

In addition, a script will give you a standard way to approach all of your calls so that you can more easily gauge what techniques work best.

Making Sales Calls After Events

Another effective lead generation strategy is to follow up with potential clients after events like trade shows.

During your follow-up calls, you can ask a general question like “How do you feel about the event?”

You don’t have to pitch your product or service right away. Instead, your goal should be to build a stronger connection with event attendees. This may make them more willing to purchase from you later.

Not sure which event attendees to call first? Consider contacting those who opened your event e-invite early.

Remember, though, that some of these attendees might have forgotten they visit your booth. So, remind them that they met you at the event before asking them a question about it.

You can then ask them if they have any questions about your product or service. Offer to schedule a discovery call to talk more about your offering.

Remember that not every event attendee will want to convert right away. The more you nurture these leads over time, the greater your chances of making sales with them. 

Checking in with Existing Customers

Consider making regular care calls to clients to generate more business from them. Happy customers who maintain relationships with your company are likely to seek your product or service again.

Some companies make the mistake of ignoring clients after the clients have purchased their products or services. Instead, follow up with your current customers to nurture your relationships with them and tell them about your other offerings. This can further increase customer satisfaction, grow revenue, and build your brand loyalty.

Follow-up phone calls are also excellent opportunities to ask existing customers for referrals. Satisfied customers can often be the best leads, as they are usually excited to give you referrals.

To ask for referrals, you can ask, “Do you know anybody who may appreciate our service or product?” It’s a simple and quick way to generate leads.

How Our Lead Generation Strategies Can Help

The top ways to make calls part of your lead generation strategies include scheduling appointments through cold calling. You can also generate leads by making sales calls after events and checking in with your current customers.

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