What Are the Best Buns for Burgers?

best buns for burgers

Did you know that Americans consume about 50 billion hamburgers every single year? That works out to be almost 2.5 hamburgers per person per day, which is a pretty incredible statistic when you think about it.

But obviously, not all hamburgers are created equal. There is a big difference between, say, a hamburger from a fast-food restaurant and a hamburger from an upscale establishment.

One of the many things that set hamburgers apart are the types of buns used for them. When you chow down on a hamburger patty surrounded by one of the best buns for burgers in the business, it’ll have a huge impact on how that burger tastes.

Over time, restaurants have introduced all kinds of types of bread and buns from their burgers. From a brioche bun to ciabatta rolls and all the other options in between, you’re welcome to pick out the buns you’d like to eat with your burgers.

Check out all the best buns for burgers below, and keep them in mind the next time you’re ordering a hamburger.

White Buns

When you take a big bite out of a protein-packed burger, you’ll want all the flavor of the burger itself to shine through in most cases. You don’t necessarily want the bun the burger is on to steal the show.

But that is what will happen in certain cases, even when you take the time to pick out the best buns for burgers. Some types of buns will take center stage and prevent you from enjoying a burger as much as you might like.

You won’t have to worry about this with a white bun. While some people will criticize white buns for being a little too neutral, others have really come to appreciate this about them. A white bun will bring out the flavors in a burger more than other types of buns and enable you to savor each and every bite.

At the same time, white buns are also known for being fluffy and light. You aren’t going to get too filled up on them and not be able to finish your burger because of it.

Brioche Buns

Once upon a time, brioche buns were found almost exclusively in decadent desserts as opposed to meals. They have a sweet taste that doesn’t always work well with meals.

But in recent years, some restaurants have started to use brioche buns for their burgers, and people have responded really well to it. The sweetness of a brioche bun will pair well with some types of burgers and make them even more flavorful than they would be otherwise.

If you already have other sweet ingredients worked into the mix when ordering a burger, you might want to shy away from ordering it with a brioche bun. But if you’re able to incorporate sweetness into a burger with a brioche bun, you should take the opportunity to do it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Kaiser Rolls

Over the years, surveys have shown that almost half of Americans order their burgers well done. If you prefer a well-done burger, you might not have to be too worried about how a bun is going to hold up when a burger is placed on it.

But if you prefer your burger to be on the juicier side, you’ll need to take this into account when picking out a bun for it. Your bun will need to be able to deal with the juices from your burger without falling apart.

This is why Kaiser rolls have become some of the best buns for burgers. They’re fluffy on the inside, which will allow them to soak up the juices from a burger. But they also have a heftier outside that won’t fall apart because of the juices from a burger.

Kaiser rolls also don’t have too much flavor to them, so you’ll be able to enjoy all the flavors from a burger without them getting in the way. It makes them a great option for those who love ordering extra flavorful burgers that don’t need any assistance from a bun.

Potato Rolls

Do you like the idea of biting into a nice soft bun when you’re eating a burger? Then you’ll find that potato rolls will be one of the best buns for burgers in your case.

Not everyone is a fan of soft buns when eating burgers. But if you’re someone who values softness in a hamburger bun, you can’t go wrong with potato rolls. They’re so soft that they’re often described as being “pillowy.”

Potato rolls also have a sweetness to them that you won’t find in white buns and Kaiser buns. They aren’t quite as sweet as brioche buns, but they’ll add just enough sweetness to a burger without overdoing it.

Sesame Seed Buns

One thing you’ve probably noticed about all the different buns for burgers that we’ve brought up thus far is that they don’t have anything on top of them. Sesame seed buns buck this trend by providing you with sesame seeds sprinkled on them for added flavor.

You could argue that sesame seed buns have turned into the most iconic buns for hamburgers. They’re used by many fast-food restaurants for this reason.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that sesame seed buns won’t also be great for higher-end burgers. They’re every bit as soft and fragrant as you’ll want them to be when you order them with your next burger.

Sesame seed buns will also add a little something extra to burgers in the flavor department without going overboard. It’s why they’re now staples of so many restaurants that serve up delicious burgers on a regular basis.

Onion Rolls

Sesame seed buns aren’t the only buns for burgers that are topped with something to add to the flavor profile of burgers. Onion rolls also fall into this category.

If you’d like to add some character to a burger, you’ll love what an onion roll can add to the equation. It’ll have onion bits worked into the top of the roll as well as inside the roll itself. These onion bits will work wonders for the taste of a burger.

If you’re not a huge fan of onions to begin with, you might not think these are the best buns for burgers. But we should point out that the onion bits in onion rolls are very subtle and won’t overpower a burger by any stretch of the imagination.

If you like a little onion added to your burger but don’t want to toss it inside a bun, going with an onion roll might provide you with the best of both worlds. You can savor the onion taste that you like without getting a strong onion taste with every bite.

Pretzel Rolls

When a burger is seasoned, salt will be one of the many ingredients used to bring it to life. You’ll be able to taste a hint of salt in every bite of a burger.

But if you prefer your burgers to have a little more salt added to them, how about going with a pretzel roll that will have salt on the outside of it? You’ll get to add more salt to your burger without having to put it on yourself.

You’ll also find that a pretzel roll will make a burger a lot chewier than it would be under normal circumstances. This might not be something everyone will like. But if you want to appreciate every bite of a burger, throwing it on a chewy pretzel roll might be the right move for you to make.

As an added bonus, pretzels rolls are also one of the few buns for burgers you can eat on their own. If you get to the end of a burger and you still have a few bites of your roll left, you’ll love having a pretzel roll to eat rather than something like a flavorless white bun.

Sliced Bread

Believe it or not, there was a time when burger buns didn’t even exist. Instead of putting burgers on buns, people would throw them between two pieces of sliced bread and call it a day.

As you’ve seen here, there are so many options for you to choose from when you’re trying to track down the best buns for burgers. You won’t have to settle for a burger served up on sliced bread anymore.

But guess what? It also might not be the worst idea in the world to give a burger on sliced bread a try. Burgers that are on the thinner side, in particular, will look and taste great when they’re put on sliced bread.

Sliced bread also comes in a wide range of flavors nowadays, which means you can test out different types of bread to find the ones you like most with a burger. You might be shocked to see just how tasty a burger on sliced bread can be in certain instances.

English Muffins

At first glance, an English muffin might not look like it would be the best bun for a burger. It isn’t even going to be able to fit a burger that’s on the bigger side.

You probably won’t want to throw any larger burgers onto English muffins. But a smaller burger on an English muffin will be a lot tastier than you might think.

English muffins are usually sturdy enough to support most burgers, including those that might be on the beefier side. When you toast them, they’ll also provide you with an unmistakable crunch that’ll pair nicely with a juicy burger.

You’ll also be able to add ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and other condiments to every nook and cranny of an English muffin to make it the perfect addition to a burger. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think to use an English muffin for a burger before.

Ciabatta Rolls

Is there anything worse than trying to enjoy a big, beautiful burger and having it completely fall apart on you because of its bun? It can ruin the whole experience and send you scrambling to try to find enough napkins to clean this mess up.

This won’t be an issue when you toss a burger onto a ciabatta roll. This Italian-style bread will come with a really thick crust that’ll hold everything in place when you’re eating a burger. Even if the burger is on the juicier side, a ciabatta roll will stand up strong against it and refuse to budge.

Plus, ciabatta rolls are some of the tastiest buns you can use for burgers. They’ll add a little more flavor to burgers without overpowering your senses at any point.

If you’re tired of watching burgers fall apart on you every time you order them, you’ll love what ciabatta rolls can bring to the table. It’s why so many burger aficionados consider them to be among the best buns for burgers.

Choose the Best Buns for Burgers When Ordering Them

After reading all about the best buns for burgers, is your mouth salivating? You might want to get your hands on a burger as soon as you can so that you can try it with one of the types of buns listed here.

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