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can you substitute butter for oil

Can You Substitute Butter for Oil?

Fat. It's a word that has been demonized and misunderstood for so long, but fat is nothing to be afraid of. Fats like butter and oil are vessels for flavor; they play the most important...
best bread for grilled cheese

What Is the Best Bread for Grilled Cheese?

Ooey, gooey melted, cheesy goodness. That's what you get when you bite into a grilled cheese sandwich. It's that perfect blend of the toasty bread and the melted cheese hitting your tastebuds.  If you love...
whole wheat vs whole grain

Whole Wheat vs. Whole Grain: What’s the Difference?

46% of Americans want to eat healthier but hesitate because they think it's more expensive. Unlike what most people think, you don't need to break the bank or make drastic changes to be healthier. Sometimes,...
best pears for eating

What Are the Best Pears for Eating?

Anjou, Bartlett, Seckel...there are so many pear varieties that it can be a challenge trying to figure out what you need for a recipe. After all, you have to consider the texture as well as...
how to make crispy hash browns

How to Make Crispy Hash Browns

Hash browns are a common addition to a morning fry-up, served as a welcome treat in restaurants and homes across the globe. In America, they're the seventh-most popular dish overall, with 81% of people...
hot spices

The Benefits of Hot Spices and How to Cook With Them

What do people who prefer Mexican food over Italian and action movies over comedies have in common? According to Civic Science, it's a shared love of spicy food. Whether you are one of the 67% of people who enjoy...
pink lemons

What Are Pink Lemons? Nutrition Information and Facts

When you think of a lemon, you probably think of the yellow and acidic fruit. However, there's more than one type of lemon. A type of lemon you may not have heard of is...
pea pod

The Best Pea Pod Dishes and Recipes to Make at Home

Did you know that only 1 in 10 American adults eat enough fruits or vegetables? With so many meals, how can you ensure everything you eat is healthy and wholesome? One of the best...
fairy tale eggplant

What to Know About the Fairy Tale Eggplant + Recipes

How often do you come across a vegetable that is as enchanting to look at as it is delightful to eat? Allow us to introduce you to the fairy tale eggplant, a mini yet...
cilantro sauce

The Yummiest Cilantro Sauce Recipe to Add to Your Dishes

Did you know that cilantro has been a common cooking ingredient since 6,000 BC? Discovered in the Nahal Cave, people have been enjoying this polarizing herb for thousands of years. But what's the best...

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